4 Top Door Styles and Trends

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Your customized home is a true homage to your personality, tastes, and needs. Make sure to take advantage of one of the most critical facets of your house—doors and entryways—by checking out these tips on the most popular trends and how to incorporate them into your design.

Bigger is Better

Since the outside entryway to your home is the first welcome your guests receive, why not make it an impressively sized one? Ranging in aesthetics from clean, modern lines and simplicity to more traditional, opulent styles, more and more custom-built homes are featuring larger doors. 

According to BuilderOnline, it’s becoming increasingly common for homes to have doors up to 12 feet tall, as opposed to the previously popular 10 feet. A larger-than-life door is an easy way to invigorate the design with a sense of grandeur while maintaining your overall desired style. 

Consider the View

The trend towards larger doors is also evident in one of your home’s biggest eye-catching features: the patio. In recent years, the desire to find harmony with nature has led to an increased demand for open designs that allow in plenty of natural light and gorgeous views.

The traditional glass patio door has been elevated to the status of an artistic frame, and now luxury homes often have a wall-spanning, sliding door that gives access to the outdoors. Homebuilders are finding more ways to make statements with their patio doors as well, choosing folding glass walls that can open up the entire room to the outdoors.

More than just largess, it’s also become popular to find inventive ways of movement. For example, pivot doors and garage-style glass doors are making an appearance as homeowners recognize the opportunity for visual flair when opening their doors. 

Maximize Your Space

In addition to glass or fiberglass patio doors, homebuilders are also beginning to look at glass doors within the interior as a way to open up a room. Modern homes are aiming to get the most out of their space, and consequently, pocket doors—a sliding door that, when fully open, disappears into the wall—have become fashionable. 

These doors are perfect for any space, and the wide variety of options in style offer a chance to truly customize your interior. Building a sleek, seamless space? A pocket door in the same color and print as your wall will keep your room feeling uninterrupted and spacious. Want a pop of cheer or a refreshing twist on your area? Choose a paneled pocket door with a unique design, or paint it a bright color.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Sustainability and our impact on the environment are both significant factors in modern home design. Ever-increasingly, custom home builders are choosing their materials based on thermal efficiency, upkeep, durability, and where the material was sourced. Building suppliers recommend a range of material options, all of which can still fit your desired style. 

Wooden doors are a luxurious, high-end option that, though they require some upkeep, make an impressive statement and provide natural insulation. So long as the wood is ethically sourced, or better, locally sourced, it has a small environmental footprint. Other options like fiberglass provide incredible energy efficiency and durability, and you can even maintain a sleek, modern vibe with steel doors, which are recycled. 

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