5 Steps to Building a Custom Home

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Building a custom home comes with many benefits, not least of which is being able to tailor each detail to get exactly what you want. However, building your dream house does involve different steps than buying one on the market. Here are five steps you should prepare for before you begin your home building journey!

Have An Idea of the Finished Product

Before acquiring land or assembling a construction team, it's important to have ideas in mind for your dream custom build. Tour homes with similar architectural styles, consult with interior designers, save photos and floor plans that appeal to you, and compile a folder of everything you hope to achieve in the final product. By doing some initial legwork and research straight out of the gate, you'll be better prepared for decisions you'll have to make throughout the process.

Hire a Team of Professionals

The next step in the process is to hire a professional team of builders who will construct your custom-build home. It's important to work with someone with excellent recommendations that you trust. S&R Development has been building beautiful custom homes in the Dallas area since 2002. After bringing on a builder, you'll consult with an architect to help plan out the actual floorplan and design elements. Here's where your initial research will be of great help. 

Find the Right Plot of Land

Before you can start construction on a custom home, you need to have a homesite to build your new property! It's important to keep in mind that a home can be renovated or repaired, but the land is a permanent fixture, so choose carefully. When deciding where you want to live, you'll need to consider how much space you want. Do you want a front and backyard? What about the property orientation? What community is it located in? Is it close to areas of interest like good schools or your place of work?

Work with Interior Experts

Building a home involves more than laying a foundation and erecting four walls. After construction has gotten underway, electricians and plumbers will start working on getting the proper circuitry and pipes installed before the walls, flooring, and ceilings are finished. Along the way, your builder will help coordinate inspections and permits while working in accordance with the rules and regulations of homebuilding. 

Finishing the Build & Polishing the House

The final steps of the process involve floor installation, painting, landscaping, and more. In this final phase, you'll be adding the aesthetic elements that give your house a personalized touch. This step is also when your builder will schedule final inspections and walk-throughs to ensure everything is up to code. Any worksite clean-up will also happen here, with construction workers clearing out debris. Finally, it’ll be time to receive your keys and begin the next phase of your life!

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