Choosing the Right Roof Tiles for Your Home

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Far from providing a simple protective shield from mother nature, the roof adds a considerable amount of style and flair to your custom home. Often, the roof is what brings a home's exterior aesthetic elements together. Not to mention, it heavily influences the appeal of your home from the outside. To put it succinctly, your roof is a critical design feature as opposed to mere protection for your home.

A beautiful roof goes a long way in enhancing your home’s ‘curb appeal’, which ensures your home’s value continues to appreciate for decades. A high-quality roof prolongs its lifespan, saving you time, money and headache down the line.

S&R Development works hand-in-hand with clients during the Design phase to select the appropriate roof based on the style of your home. There is nothing more disappointing than driving by a new custom build with an ill-suited roof, or watching as an older home for sale lingers on the market due to a deteriorating, out-of-style roof.  

Let's introduce you to a few popular roof tiles prevalent throughout the Dallas area to give you a better sense of your options. 

Clay Tile

If your custom home favors the Spanish, Italian, or Mediterranean design aesthetic, clay tile is the perfect complement to the house. This style of roofing adds warmth to your home’s facade with a touch of whimsical charm. 

Clay tile is relatively heavy and somewhat delicate to work with. However, if installed correctly, clay roofs can easily last up to fifty years, allowing you to rest easy knowing you’ve made a sound investment. 


Metal roofs are increasingly popular, particularly in and around DFW. Lightweight and easy to install, metal roofs come in aluminum, copper, steel, or zinc. These roofs are durable and sleek, pairing well with more modern homes, and generally requiring less maintenance. 


If you love a timeless, natural appearance, it's hard to pick against slate tiles. This style pairs well with Dallas Eclectic architecture, granting a look of sophisticated and pristine craftsmanship. Particularly attractive if you're striving for an old-world look, slate is incredibly durable with a lifespan upwards of 100 years (the longest on our list). Once installed, it may be the only roof your house ever needs!

About S&R Development

Selecting roof tiles is just one of many decisions to make when crafting your new custom home. Thankfully, you won't be making those decisions alone.

Of course, your input is valuable; it's what we base each of our home designs on, your dreams. But we also alleviate the stress that comes with custom home builds. In other words, we sweat the small stuff, so you don't have to.

After a few initial meetings, we develop a solid understanding of what you want from your home, including style, colors, finishes, and, of course, budget. From that big picture view, we bring you our ideas and recommendations to fit your ideal home. Our process puts you in control without having to fret over every last detail.

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