Luxury Custom Features

Luxury homes are more than just their outward appearance and design. Each home comes equipped with lavish amenities and additions that can make your life easier and more fulfilling. Whether you're looking for ways to spruce up your front yard or you want to add options for year-round entertainment indoors, the following guide is about the many types of luxury options available to you, varying from indoor to outdoor to premium features. 


Outdoor fountain

Not only are fountains a pleasant and natural way to drown out unwanted sounds in your neighborhood, but they add to your home's curb appeal and ambiance.

  • Japanese fishpond: Similarly, a Japanese fishpond can enhance the appeal of your house. The creative options and design layouts are virtually endless.

Courtyard entrance

Sometimes, the front door alone isn't all that appealing and can even detract from your home's beauty if it's particularly drab. A courtyard entrance is a creative and eye-catching addition that transforms your entryway into a spectacle. ​​​​​​​


Give your guests personal quarters and privacy so they get the full benefit of a luxurious visit.

Outdoor patio

The best way to enjoy your yard is with an outdoor patio, especially those affixed with luxury amenities such as TV, comfortable seating, ceiling patio heaters for the colder months, and a fireplace.

Outdoor kitchen

Prepare delicious meals for your guest in your backyard with an outdoor kitchen and grill area. Many homes even feature an outdoor pizza oven.

  • Bar: Delight your guests with creative cocktails, wine, and beer while chatting and hanging out together on the patio over tasty homemade dishes.
  • Firepit: There is nothing better than sitting around a fire pit with friends, maybe even roast a marshmallow or two!
  • Bug screens: Ensure your guests can relax in comfort by installing bug screens to keep mosquitos and other pesky critters away.

Outdoor bathroom

If you have a pool, sauna, or an exceptionally spacious backyard, an outdoor bathroom equipped with a shower is an excellent way to elevate comfort levels. Guests and residents can easily slip inside to clean up after a swim before returning indoors.


Swimming pools are a fantastic way to exercise, entertain, and relax. ​​​​​​​

  • Water features: Impress your guests by creating a sensory experience when they dive into the water with features like fountains, waterfalls, a grotto, a hot tub, cabana, water slides, underwater speakers, and more.

Outdoor recreation

Who doesn't love the opportunity to play sports in the comfort and privacy of your yard? Play basketball, tennis, or even practice your golf swing on the putting green.


Do you have a green thumb that needs nurturing? Greenhouses give you a lush oasis to tend to flowers, produce, and more. There is nothing better than eating food you've grown yourself.


Oversized kitchen counter

There is nothing more frustrating than when you're making an elaborate meal and find out you've run out of kitchen space. Not only do oversized kitchen counters prevent that from happening, but it also creates a space for people to hang out or kids to do homework.


A mudroom is an informal entry area where people can remove dirty or wet articles of clothing so they don't track mud or water through your house.

Home office

Work from home, dabble in hobbies, read, or relax in your personal home office.

Central vacuum system

You no longer need the hassle of dragging a clunky, portable machine around the house with a central vacuum system fitted to the property.


Saunas and steam rooms are equipped to help you relax and have tons of health benefits.

Kid's playroom

If your kids are known to get loud, it's helpful to them and you to let them have a room where they can play and keep all of their toys. It also gives them a place to personalize and be creative.

Bathroom luxury features

  • Elevated bathroom countertop: Tall people won't have to stoop with a standard size. 

  • Dual toilets and sinks: Why share if you don't have to?

  • Walk-in shower: Spacious and accomodating without doors.

  • Free-standing tub

His and her closets

Keep all of your clothing separate and enjoy your space without overlap

  • Walk-in closets: Oversized walk-in closets are a luxury worth having if you have a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories or need extra storage space.

Laundry chute

Don't hassle with a hamper or dirty clothes in your bedroom. Send your laundry straight to the laundry room.

Catering kitchen

A functional off-site kitchen space.

  • Under-cabinet outlets: Don't ruin your kitchen backsplash.

First-floor master

The house must be designed to have all the essentials downstairs, and they don't appear out of place.

Extra features

  • Indoor basketball court: For those days when the weather is bad, play the game inside.

  • Fish tank: There are some surprising health benefits to maintaining an indoor fish or shark tank. Plus, it just looks cool.

  • Electric shutters: Control the natural light filtering into your home and privacy with the click of a button.


Movie theater

A movie theater or media room is the best way to enjoy everything from the newest movies to popular video game releases. Equip your space with an innovative, state-of-the-art speaker system, and it will feel like you're getting a high-quality theatrical experience from the comfort of your own home.

  • Game rooms: Another way to provide entertainment. Golf simulators are a fun way to practice your swing and get a quick workout. 

  • Bowling alley: Custom in-house bowling alleys are a fantastic way to add all-season entertainment to your home. Rain or shine, you can bowl with your family and friends during any time of year.


Having a library in your house is beneficial to children and can boost adult literacy skills. If you're an avid reader and have an enviable collection, a library will give you the freedom to observe your collection in full.

Indoor pool

Somedays going outside to swim isn't feasible due to weather. Never miss a day of swimming with an indoor pool, and you get the added advantage of privacy.

Indoor bar

hrow the best parties and host memorable gatherings with an indoor bar equipped with top-shelf liquor and cocktail recipes.


Basements are a great way to add extra storage to your home or create functional space, such as a game room or wine cellar. ​​​​​​​


Pet room

Give your pet a place to relax and escape from people from time to time. These rooms can also come equipped with a shower and cleaning area for grooming.


Soundproof this room for more relaxation as you enjoy the massage table, jacuzzi, manicure/pedicure area, etc.

Smart home automation

Sophisticated smart-home technology makes everything easier to manage, from intuitive thermostats to automatic locking systems to smart garage openers.

Heated bathroom floors

Never feel uncomfortable going to the bathroom late at night or during the winter months.

  • emperature-controlled shower: Smart showers, or temperature-controlled showers, allow you to find the optimal degree of water, and it turns on automatically, adjusting to your preference and specifications.

Hidden room

A hidden room or even a panic room can add another layer of security to your home. Similarly, a safe room can be used as a shelter from tornados and bad weather.


Wine enthusiasts will appreciate having a wine room to show their guests and offer them a broad range of curated options.


An essential asset as you get older or if you need assistance moving things between floors.

Built-in safe

Put it wherever you prefer for easy access.

Built-in water dispensers

A sleek and easy addition to any room.

Soft-close cabinets

No more slamming cabinets and waking people up as you bustle around the kitchen.

Double-sided fireplace

These fireplaces are efficient and look fantastic in open-concept layouts.

Floating staircase

A floating staircase is self-supported and creates a sleek, modern look inside your home.

Upstairs and downstairs laundry room

Don't hassle yourself climbing up and down the stairs with multiple loads of laundry when you can have one on each floor. It's also great for people who regularly have guests that want to tend to their laundry in private.

Subterranean garage

If you're a car enthusiast or collect automobiles, it's helpful to have an underground bunker to store all of them somewhere safe, dry, and easily accessible.

Solar panels

Solar panels are an energy-efficient way to save you money and benefit the environment. As a renewable resource, solar panels have low maintenance costs and can increase your property's value.


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